Informatics, in its broader sense, refers to the study of systems that acquire, process, and transmit information, with the inclusion of computation and cognitive aspects. In other words, it relates to the transformation of data by computation and communication. It’s an interdisciplinary subject that seeks to provide a solution to issues that have to do with the application of information technology to real-life situations. Based on the knowledge that the design of technology is not only a technical thing, informatics focuses on explaining the relationship that exists between technology and real-world settings.

Informatics works with several other disciplines; health, education, mathematics, business, and a host of others, which explains the numerous categories in which it exists. Due to the wide nature of the subject, several other disciplines align with informatics. They include bioinformatics, clinical informatics, business informatics, legal informatics, psychoinformatics, and mathematical informatics, and now, mind informatics

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