Mind Informatics

Information is one of the most significant tools in the universe. It constitutes the most complicated phenomenon in the natural world, after matter and energy. The need to explain the mystery behind the science of information, the quest to study its nature, and its processing were what brought about informatics.

In the last two decades, computer technologies have experienced significant growth. Before this time, data collection carried out using traditional techniques such as interviews or questionnaires could only be carried out on a limited audience and setting.

Advancement in technological science gives room for improved data collection methods, e.g., the use of interviews and questionnaires from a broad audience. They allow us to collect and analyze a wide spectrum of data at very little or no cost.

Mind Informatics

Mind informatics is an idea and discipline that emerged from the need to improve the way the human mind functions. The mind is one of the most powerful tools humans possess; it’s pertinent to achieving a lot.


Informatics, in its broader sense, refers to the study of systems that acquire, process, and transmit information, with the inclusion of computation and cognitive aspects. In other words, it relates to the transformation of data by computation and communication.

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